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Q1 - A detainment under Section 3 of the ‘Mental Health Act’ authorises a treatment for…

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Q2 - What is the maximum time frame that an individual can be detained for under section 4 of the Mental Health Act?

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Q3 - In which parts of the United Kingdom does the ‘Mental Health Act’ govern the care and treatment of people with a mental disorder?

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Q4 - Which definition of ‘mental disorder’ replaced the categories of disorder in the 1983 MHA?

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Q5 - Children under the age of 16 do not have the capacity to consent to their own treatment?

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Q6 - Who is involved in a Mental Health Act Assessment?

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Q7 - Who can make an admission for an assessment?

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Q8 - Under what section do police powers allow the removal of a mental health patient from a public place to a place of safety?

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Q9 - The ‘Mental Health Act (MHA)’ is a legislation governing the formal detention and care of mentally disordered individuals in hospital?

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Q10 - Being detained under the ‘Mental Health Act’ is more commonly referred to as being ‘restrained’?

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